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    Just about all your drug stores all loaded with health supplements plus herbs that promise to lower high blood pressure. The over-the-counter drug intake is constantly rising, and this hypertension market have their major share. For many light situations, a number of easy lifestyle changes can certainly provide anyone a great deal of benefits. Go into a regular schedule of exercise without overdoing , eat well balanced meals, limit drinking and refrain from smoking cigarettes. For many individuals this is sufficient. Obviously get health advice as appropriate because only a medical professional can correctly diagnose the seriousness of an individual’s high blood pressure.

  2. eswara_prasad2003@yahoo.com' Eswara Prasad

    I am suffering from high blood pressure as well as Tinnitus,kindly suggest a suitable remedy for the same. I am aged 63 years but active, and i do regular yoga and go out for long walks. a line in reply will be highly reassuring
    Thanking you

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