Ayurveda is a best way for Hypertension

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Hypertension is one of the most common diseases of modern age. Smoking as well as alcoholism led to this state, which is a silent killer. The symptoms like headache, loss of energy, insomnia should not be ignored. It is common asymptomatic, readily detectable and often leads to lethal complaints if untreated.

The average systolic pressure in healthy adults is 100 – 140 mm Hg and the average diastolic pressure 60- 90 mm Hg. Investigation of blood also helps in differential diagnosis of Hypertension. Ayurvedic treatment According to Ayurveda, Rakthadimardha (hypertension) is due to Rakthadusti. To reduce the impurities of blood, Mridu Virechana i.e., Mild purgation is mainly included in Panchakarma therapy.

Medicated oil massage with sirodhara is done for minimum 3- 7 days, then followed by the mild purgation is given with medicated caster oil is used for purgation. For this first day night the patient is prepared with boiled rice Ganji with cooked vegetables or green-gram for the dinner.

The next day early morning 5.30 am, the medicated caster oil is administrated with milk. Following by Luke warm water one cup by another 2-3 litters are given to get 4-6 times of loose motion. After 10 am Ganji water with salt first given to get appetite and to get rid of tiredness. After 30 mts. Ganji with cooked rice can be taken, and curd rice for lunch. The aims of these are detoxification.

Various medicines are also administrated considering the stage, severity; body nature etc. like Astavargam Kashayam, Prasarinyadi Kashayam, Hridayasanthi, Parthadyaristam, Punarnavasavam, Cap.Arjun forte, Cap. Re-gas, Gulgulupanchapala churnam, Jalamanjari, Silasath Parpam for the internal use and Prabhanjanam vimardhanam Kuzhambu, Chinchadi Kuzhambu for external use.

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  1. Just about all your drug stores all loaded with health supplements plus herbs that promise to lower high blood pressure. The over-the-counter drug intake is constantly rising, and this hypertension market have their major share. For many light situations, a number of easy lifestyle changes can certainly provide anyone a great deal of benefits. Go into a regular schedule of exercise without overdoing , eat well balanced meals, limit drinking and refrain from smoking cigarettes. For many individuals this is sufficient. Obviously get health advice as appropriate because only a medical professional can correctly diagnose the seriousness of an individual’s high blood pressure.

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