1. dattatreyadr1@gmail.com' dattatreya rao Siripuram

    It is big propoganda to undermine the efficacy of the Ayurvedic Herbal and Mineral drugs.
    Actually animal experiments and toxic studies should be taken up widely. The author in JAMA carried out only the physical studies. HENCE THE REJOINDER ISSUED BY THE DEPT. OF AYUSH IS A VERY MUCH APPRECIATED AND A VERY GOOD step in correct diriection. Once the results of the toxic effect’s study is available the same may be circulated to all the concerned.
    Dr.Dattatreya rao .S.
    Prof . S.V.Ayurveda college Tirupati.

  2. kishoreda50@yahoo.com' kishore kumar sharma

    It is in fact international propaganda to malign this age old system which is more body friendly and eco-friendly.Metals in trace forms are being used all over in all the systems of medical practice and they are very essential too for healthy life.The excess amount found beyond permisible limit is not the fault of the system but it can be taken as negiligence of the manufacturer and hence the sample can be termed as of non-standard.Samples those do not comply with the set parameters are declared as of non-standard as we see in allopathy drugs also…Therefore,it is a matter of quality control and not of any default in the Ayurvedic system….
    Kishore Kumar Sharma…CEO…Vashisht’s Ayurvedics Chandigarh.

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