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    The Mamsagni Rasayana seems to be promising molecule. Since it was used along with Panch Karma Procedures and Yogic Support, the physiologic reasons for these important observations seem largely speculative, but “the reduction in blood CK along with improved functional neuro-muscular abilities certainly contribute to the protective effects of Mamsagni Rasayana” A more intense and focused molecular study of Til-Mash Pinda Swedana during Panch Karma procedures may also give us critical information to limit the sarcolemmal membrane defect in DMD/BMD boys. Kindly publish more information on NMD Seminar in Bhilai.

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    i have a long time disability so can u able to treat a long time disability please gige me result if u can

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    A clint with the similar disability is being found so, can you please provide me sufficient information so that we can look forward & move for the treatement.

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    Dr Mukesh D. Jain’s research was first come to public notion when Mr. Ajit Pramod. Jogi, IAS and then Chief Minister, Government of Chhattisgarh State in India released his video CD on Muscular Dystrophy in 2001. Then his name was often talked in many scientific presentations during several National & International Conferences. He is brilliant product of Saugar & Raipur Universities and sincerely engaged to find out simple, safe and evidence based ayurvedic treatment since 1995. I have personally monitored his work and clinical improvements in dystrophy boys at Central medical Institute Bhilai during 1999-2003. The latest update on Mamsagni Rasayana is available on net. Dr Jain’s recent book: “Fight & Win the ailments of Modern Era with Ayurvedic treatment” was released by Dr. Raman Singh, Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh and also an ayurvedic stalwart.
    -AMDS India http://www.ayush-samiti.in/about.aspx

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    my cousin is having DMD.He is 8 year old.His parents are in deep trouble.please let me know is there any tretment available for DMD in ayurvedic medicine in India?please,& please help me in this regard.we will be very thankfull to u.my email id is drsiddiquiiqbal@rediffmail.com.please do the needful

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    my cousin is having genetic muscle destropy . he is 13 year old .Plz let me know is there any coure or treatment available for genetic muscle destropy in ayurvedic or allopatic in india ? please,& please help me in this regard.we will be very thankfull to u.

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