Earth Hospital launched in Bangalore

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Earth Hospital is a leading Ayurvedic Hospital that has already shown its expertise in Tumkur, Mangalore, Udupi and Hyderabad. It has now been introduced to the Bangaloreans as well. The hospital is located in B.T.M Layout.

The hospital has moved on from just using herbal medicines and massages to provide more advanced treatment in Ayurvedic medicine. The hospital is equipped to handle chronic illnesses such as cardiac disorders, skin disorders, diabetes, degenerative joints, disorders of the head and neck, etc along with lifestyle disorders such as infertility, obesity, computer vision syndrome, skin nourishment and so on.

The hospital provides both out patient and in- patient Ayurvedic services which includes diagnosis and cure for various medical conditions. Dr Anish M Kurias, Chairman, Earth Hospital Group stated “With state-of-the-art facilities, qualified Ayurvedic medical practitioners, therapists, equipments and medicines, Earth Hospital provides customised treatment, including more prevalent health issues such as asthma in children, ‘monomedi’, a onetime Ayurvedic remedy for migraine, running nose and arthritis.” “Earth Hospital aim to provide health services to all section of society and address the root cause of illnesses providing a long lasting solution. With a 140-year old tradition of Ayurvedic practitioners and experts, we are well-positioned to deploy India’s ancient science to heal contemporary health issues,” he added.

Dr Kurias added, “Bengaluru has witnessed a growing rate of both lifestyle and chronic illnesses . The city is in dire need of a high quality facility such as ours, providing traditional and proven form of medicine- Ayurveda. Our treatments will fill a significant gap in medical services available to people.”

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  1. Jason, says:

    wanted to know about SWARNA BINDU for children. which hospital and the details of the hospital.

  2. reshma says:

    In Bangalore Swarna Bindu Prashan is administered at AyurShop, J.P Nagar apart from a few other locations. For details contact 92431 83887.

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