Rejuvinating Ayurveda- An International Conference

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An International Conference called “Rejuvenating Ayurveda-The classical Vedic skills of healthcare for global health challenges in 21st century” has been organized at the Eternal University Baru Sahib which was also a joint venture of Ayurveda Vishaw Parishad. It is a three day conference which included renowned people namely Virender Kashyap (MP), Jagatguru Swami Avdesha Acharyaji, Braham Rishi Jelaeshweranandji, and renowned Scientist Nk Chauhan. Padma Bhushan Dr Khem Singh Gill with Baba Iqbal Singhji, Chancellor Eternal University and Dr MS Atwal Vice Chancellor Eternal University

The emphasis of the conference was health and Ayurveda and its importance. Virender Kashyap spoke on the occasion and appreciated the efforts of the Eternal University for organizing the conference and said that this would further popularize Ayurveda and also help in the development and research in the field. Baba Iqbal Singhji also stressed upon the need to bring up the use of traditional medicines such as Ayurveda which has been an integral part of our rich heritage and culture.

The conference is to be held for 3 days where experts in the field will also be presenting research papers.

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