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The way for caring Diabetics in Ayurveda Vedanta

July 8th, 2008

Diabetes Mellitus is caused either by a lack of insulin or body’s inability to use insulin also known as maturity onset, diabetes is often triggered by obesity stress and a sedentary life style. Aasyasukham swapnasukham dadheeni gramyodakanuparsah payaamsi! Navannpannam gudvaikritam cha pramehahetu kafkrichcha sarvam!!

The term ‘Madhumeha’ is used in ‘Charaka Samhita’ (1000-1500 BC), ‘Susruta Samhita’ (100-500 BC) for the multi systemic metabolic disorders effecting multi tissues, Diabetes Mellitus. Incidences of diabetes type-II, increasing along with the increase in materialistic orientation of society; the epidemic like situation is traced in the mutation of changes in related genes and metabolic mechanisms by scientists of the field ; 230 millions of diabetics are living with the disease. It is emerging as the seventh leading causes of mortality.

In medical texts of Indian system of medicine-Ayurveda genetic susceptibility, indulgence in excess intake of milk and its products, sugarcane juice and its products, meat of animals from marshland, food products prepared from cereals that are less than one year, recently prepared wines, physical inactivity, excessive sleep, no day-to-day activity related to mental planning, excessive mental worry ,obesity and sedentary life habits and faulty eating habits like eating when earlier taken food is not digested, eating food without any appetite, overeating.

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